The New Era of Medicine — AI Powered Quantum Computing | Quantum-AI Series by Maëva Ghonda

Imagine this. You’re at your doctor’s office. You’re waiting for your doctor to administer your vaccine. But, it’s not a COVID-19 vaccine. The year is 2030. A custom vaccine has been formulated for your genome. In other words, your own special vaccine has been created for your personal code for broad immunity from many different types of diseases at once. Your doctor. Your genome. Your vaccine.

Such a novel vaccine strategy could increase effectiveness against future illness while reducing a vaccine’s side effects. With this disruptive approach to disease immunity, your probability of severe illness suddenly approaches zero.

Personalizing Medicine to Manage Health Risks

Personalizing medicine for effective health risk management remains a great challenge. The realization of personalized healthcare will greatly depend on effective management of complex datasets.

The Lakes Are Swelling

The digital age has produced massive data lakes. An essential problem with data lakes is that they continually swell as additional information is amassed. Presently, these types of big data are not easily analyzed computationally to uncover essential patterns and trends — such as associations and relationships among the data — that inform decision-making.

Accelerating Personalized Healthcare with Big Data

Big data is vast amounts of information captured and stored in multiple formats. Dispersed in innumerable silos across industries and in different continents, reliably leveraging these immense datasets for actionable intelligence could ignite change. As an example, actionable insights generated from healthcare data lakes could become the catalyst that form the basis for new modalities that accelerate the nascent field of personalized healthcare.

Organizations often fail to extract actionable insights concealed in big data due to the infeasible power of their systems. For instance, research reports indicate that more than 80% of information captured in healthcare is unstructured data. Unstructured data — e.g. medical images, handwritten doctors’ notes, texts, and test results — is not computable. Hence, countless data lakes continuously expand while remaining idle.

Quantum-AI Synergies to Catalyze Next-Generation Healthcare

Enter quantum computing™. Synergy gleaned from coupling quantum computing and artificial intelligence could provide some resolution for these types of complex data challenges. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are enabling machine-read unstructured data. Additionally, Amazon’s quantum computing patents signal strength in advancing such capabilities. To solve these pressing data concerns, pairing quantum computing with artificial intelligence is a strategy that personalized healthcare experts are exploring to launch the new era of medicine.

About the Author

Maëva Ghonda is a senior advisor who specializes in Corporate Strategy and Risk Management.



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Maëva Ghonda

Maëva Ghonda


Maëva Ghonda advises institutional investors and board members on Quantum Computing & IP. She also specializes in Strategy, Risk Management and Sustainability.